Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Guy

Even though the Christmas Bazaar is long gone, the Happy Hobby Craft Fair is just around the corner. This cards was originally made for the Bazaar but never sold, I am sure that it will this craft fair. I have some scrapbook supplies that I have been holding onto for 4 years or more, these papers are some of them, I bought them before I know what I should and shouldn't buy, I guess I was trying to mass an inventory. Now, being in Russia, I do not have access to any new papers and have chosen to either use it or sell it off at the end of this year. Out with the old, in with the new! I actually like the way that this card turned out, it's clean cut with a rugged edge to it, with all the buttons and sewing in and olive color it does scream boy, you know barely see the purple.
I had fun inking the edge of the card and cutting the sentiment out with the Birthday Bash Cartridge from Cricut. I added and sewed the cute buttons on the front. There was no circle originally but my 1 year old had a blast picking them off, did it turn out better...maybe! Just a little update, I am needing to do some more photographing, but I have been doing tons of projects lately. On my list this next week, taking photos and one more blog post before the end of the month, we'll see if that happens.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Princess of a Birthday

Here we are just after Christmas and Valentines, just waiting for the other holidays creep up on us. I am one of those lucky people who in my own direct family, between Christmas and Valentine's day have 10 BIRTHDAY'S to celebrate. It's a good things I am in Russia or good bye Christmas Cards, Hello, Birthday Cards. One of those birthdays just happens to be my daughter's 6th birthday, I know, it's a big one! So to each girl in her class we send out one of this too cute Princess invitations. Everyone loved the invites and asked me where I bought them....I said 'bought?'. NO, my handy-dandy Cricut and I made these cards. All the cardstock was from Close to my Heart, absolutely the best cardstock and cuts like a dream. The Belle paper on the front of the card was from a Disney Mega pack I bought, the inside had all the need to know information! I actually used the cut out crowns on the edge of the cards as the 'for', 'when', 'where' and RSVP information, no waste here. Belle was a little difficult to piece together because her eyes would be easier in a larger size, I ended up adding the whites of the eyes with a white gel pen, it works too! We had lots of fun with Crowns I cut on the cricut and let the girls decorate, each girl had a blast putting ribbon, jewels and flowers on thier crowns. A good time for all the girls, here is a picture of the 11 girls we had at out house!
We also served my last box of Duncan Hines Chocolate cupcakes and I made these great cupcake toppers for them. They were really easy with just and oval, sihouette, toothpick and some Stickles for the glitter. Girls were choosing their favorite ones and taking the toppers home.
Our centerpiece of the party was this cute 3D castle that you can find near the end of 'Once upon a Princess' Cartridge. It didn't take me too long to make, and it was just the right height for our table. It is only about 10" wide by 7" deep by 12" high. The girls loved opening the door to see what was inside...nothing!
I also made a banner that says 'Happy Birthday' with Princess's at the beginning(Ariel), middle(Belle) and end(Jasmine). Each pennant is only 6" high, perfect for such a long word. I used Glitter paper for the letters, Disney Mega Pack paper for the toppers and Close to my Heart cardstock for the base. It was easy to make and the banner is still up to this day! My daughter passed from 5 to 6 with all the grace and beauty of a real princess. It was worth it!