Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Going to Disneyland!

This is my first time going to Disneyland, and with the price of plane tickets to Denver, it was cheaper for the inlaws and my family to fly to Disneyland together. So that is where we are off to on Thursday this week. Asking around, I got some great advice to get/make an Autograph Book. So to make it an Mother/Daughter affair, we decided to make it together. Seeing a how my daughter is only 4 years old, I thought she did a really great job putting together the book. She painted both front and back chipboard covers, glued the paper and put all the fancy stickers down. With a little help from me, I think that we got a great book with space for an autograph and on the opposite page of the autograph is a place for a picture with that charater. I used a 7 Gypsy's Spiral notebook, paper and sticker were all from Michael's, the fancy satin princess stickers were on clearance the day I went so they were a good deal. I figure we can fill in the missing pages with stickers I find at Disneyland and of course you never know who you are going to see! With space left at the back of the book for extra anything, I think this is a book that she will cherish for years to come. I hope to post pictures of our trip soon so check back for great ideas.

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