Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mojo Monday Challenge #237

Up for the next challenge was Mojo Monday, and thier latest sketch. A cute little sketch and everyone one loved it there are lots of entries. I was having a challenge figuring out what to do with 4, not 3, jumpy circles? I could do flowers, but most of the ladies did those, I could do the actual circle, too cliche, or I could do butterflies? To many ideas, I ended up thinking about it for a day and realized that what hangs not at the same level are lanterns, the are never just in a straight line, so with some asian inspiration I dug out my Pagoda cricut cartridge.
There are awesome lanterns, dolls, fish lanterns, pandas, anything with an asian theme you can think of on this cartridge and other than this card I have used it once. It was a great layout that I will probably post another day but hopefully soon we will visit China or Japan and that cartridge will be smoking that day! :)
It is also full of Kanji characters, each page has a different word, and even though there is no birthday...celebrate is a great way to say happy birthday anyway, or anything else for that matter.
It was looking pretty plain with just the paper so I decided to add some jewels, maybe it kinda looks like fireworks, too much Kung Fu Panda for me, and sprinkled them around.
Last but not least, I looked at the sketch again and saw that it needed a label or ribbon down near the bottom, but I wasn't going to put any words on the front, so I was thinking I needed a fan, but where would I find that? So next idea, I had some wider red grosgrain ribbon and ended up folding that across the card for an awesome pop of color.
All in all I thought it turned out pretty nice, even with all the thinking going on. Want to play the next card challenge? On Mondays of course, see the next sketch -->HERE

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  1. I love the exotic look of these cards. Wonderful.Thanks too for stopping by my blog on the Momenta/PSA blog hop this weekend. Your comments were so kind and greatly appreciated.
    (I alos love the look of your blog!)