Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love those 5 for 5's

So when this year started, I did not make a resolution but I did make a goal! A goal to grow my business down here in Colorado. The last year I have had no luck making contacts, anyone being the least bit interested or making friends with the same interests. Needless to say, I have felt like a failure...but, now being here a year, I have met some new contacts and friends who, like me do enjoy to create every now and then. Next hurdle, no one want's to spend any of thier money, so here is the idea...apparently if you keep your classes under $5 with lots of stuff in them... people will decide to join you. So above is a picture of my 5 cards for $5. Easy simple cards that are ready for assembly and super simple to make. In the past year I have had to cancel class after class for 'no interest' I have 6 ladies coming, all ready to make one or two sets. I hope this keeps up for my next workshop, another 5 for 5...Baby Cards. Any insight as to why ladies are now interested in doing classes would be greatly appreciated. Happy Valentines Day.

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