Thursday, February 11, 2010

For the Girls

I did an awesome project with my friend Kim for her 2 girls who are off to college already. They both love to journal, so we thought we would dress them up a little and send them off to the girls.

This notebook is for Emily, an avid writer and the most recent to be pushed out of the nest. She is a classy gal with timeless style, kinda like the notebook. She likes to write books or novels for enjoyment so I think that she will get the most use out of these books. We chose SEI - Poppy Collection for this book because of it's classic appeal...I hope she enjoys it.

Can you tell how different the sisters are? Brittany is fun, lively, total girl and the life of the party, just like this fun notebook. Before Brittany left for college I made her a great 'office' set with the same paper. Check out that post here! So of course we continued this line of paper and had a ton of fun picking just the right papers. If you like this paper it is SEI - Chocolat.
I hope they appreciate these books, I could make a ton of them I just don't know what I would do with them. Any Ideas?

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