Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to School...Already?

How shocked was I to find out that school in the state of Colorado starts in August! The height of summer where I am from. Up in the frozen North we only start school in September, that way we have the warmest days to play outside. So one of my good friends daughters is off the the Honor Academy in Texas, giving a year of her life to God. I hope she has a good time, but, before she went I thought I would make her some great items to help her along. I think they will definately decorate her drab room and add some flair! I made the whole set of items I already had sitting around and SEI's Chocolat line of papers, goregeous!

This was my Eco friendly project...obviously made out of a tin can...the only thing I would differently is put something around the edge to protect her fingers and pens from getting cut, acrylic perhaps? Suggestions?

This is a great pen and notepad, just recovered. Picked up the notepad/pen set for a $1.

Great Dollar store buy, a horrible little picture frame that we recovered with our paper, Cork is painted and stamped and the letters are 'Color Ready' Sticker letters from Close to my Heart and my gel pens, love them sooo much!

This Journal is the best, with front, back and inside covers done with the paper I am sure all her thoughts will be well written. Just for fun I also stamped random inside give it some color!

A great Michael's buy, this little tool kit just needed some ribbon and a tag and it was done!

Of course the coaster post-it note holder! Recovered and AWESOME. I know that I missed some Must-have items that belong with this kit like pens, but I only had so much time. If you have any suggestions as to what else I could make with this kit, leave a comment I would love to hear from you!


  1. those are all so fabulous carrisa! i just adore the journal though! it is gorgeous! hugs!

  2. How pretty! I'm sure she really appreciated it!